Soltec Corporation is engaged in the processing and production of metal stamping dies and jig machine parts,
We meet customer requirements with our integrated processing system from die design to mass production.



Die design and fabrication

We are conscious of appropriate mold design and fabrication to prevent frequent defects in the mass production process by utilizing the technology and know-how we have accumulated since the establishment of the company.
We design and manufacture progressive and single-unit dies for a variety of products of different materials and sizes, such as automobile-related parts and medical equipment-related parts. We also have a follow-up system in place after mass production, and can modify and repair molds.


press working

Metal presses are processed using proprietary technologies to provide high quality, low cost, and short delivery times. In addition, we are able to meet customer requirements by taking advantage of the greatest strength of stamping, which is the ability to mass produce products with stable quality, and our knowledge of a wide range of processing processes to proactively improve material yields, machine cycles, and quality.

Soltec's Strengths


Soltec is a company that specializes in plastic forming. The materials produced by Soltec's experience and techniques, combined with the individuality of its machines, are used in a wide range of fields, including semiconductors, vehicles, ships, and medical care.
Soltec responds to the shape, price, and delivery date requested by the customer with its unique ingenuity and ideas, and with high expectations.

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High-quality products are manufactured with high-precision technology created by state-of-the-art equipment and Soltec's manual techniques.
We also have a wide range of processing facilities that can accommodate orders for single pieces, eliminating the need for you to worry about processing and procuring parts.

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